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Will Richter

Will is an Insta Blogger Will and joins me to discuss the topic of mental health- what it means to us, the stigma attached to it and so much more.
Melissa Stokoski

Melissa is a standy up comedian, tour guide for the New York Sex and the City Tour and host of the Podcast speaking of Carrie so naturally it seemed only right that we discussed the things that Carrie Bradshaw has taught us!

Gareth Van Vliet

Gareth is one of my closest friends and the perfect person to discuss Meditation with as he’s the one that got me into the practice and helped me to discover how mediation can really help your mind.

Rachel Spiteri

Rachel is a blogger from Malta! and is my pen pal In our episode together we discuss the art of letter writing.
Just A Uniform

Siobhan is the creatively colourful style influencer  from Just A Uniform! Her motto is More is more and less is bore so lets hear what she has to say about finding your style.

Gemma Scopes

Gemma is an award winning Blogger, speaker and podcaster. She’s the brains behind the brilliant podcast How to Make Friends and the female friendship hub Make Friends Hub and we discuss loneliness vs being alone.
Sian De Ciantis Richardson

Sian is a talented photographer and videographer as well as a good friend and we talk about millennials’ vs the housing market.

Emma Drew

Emma is a blogger and amazing money saving expert. Voted as the best money making blog three times over, Emma really knows her stuff when it comes to money so keep on listening to hear our tips and tricks to not only save money but perhaps make a little too!

Intara Design

Tara Smith is the an interior designer from Wiltshire and owner of Intara Design. We discussing all things decor and design to make a space stylish.

Julie Gentry

May I present to you my Mothership Julie Gentry! She’s a hard working nurse by day and an eco friendly warrior by night. We delve into the subject of ways we can all be environmentally friendly and with Julie’s tips and tricks we can all be on our way to being better to the environment.

Lizzie Benton

Lizzie is a Lifestyle and wellbeing writer of Lizaboo and founder of Liberty Mind and we discuss toxic relationships!

Haley Bell BsC ANutr

Haley Bell is a registered nutritionist and she joins us to debunk many a myth around food glorious food.

Hello Miss Jordan

The queen of fabulous photos and blogger behind Hello Miss Jordan- Jordan Emily Brown joins me to discuss the art of outfit photography!

Where's My Tent?

Jessi is the festival blogger behind Where's My Tent? and Glasto Cast Podcast Host discussing why festivals are the best!

Freya Belle

Freya Belle is a fashion and beauty YouTuber currently having IVF treatment herself and is here to share her experiences as well as raise awareness. So get comfortable, settle in and lets talk about IVF.

Jess In Your Ear

Travel blogger Jessica Nelson joins us to talk all things Travel and gives us tips and tricks to travel, explore and more!

Chris Rayment

Chris is my husband and partner in crime when it comes to getting drunk so naturally we discussed hangovers on the podcast!

Normal Bodies

Sophie is the brilliant brains behind the project Normal Bodies and will be joining us to discuss why we should embrace our own bodies.

Nina Hall

Nina Hall is an Actress originally from Essex who has emigrated to Australia and will discussing living abroad!

Nicole Navigates

Nicole is a Northamptonshire blogger joining us to discuss loving where you live!

Charlotte Jacklin

Charlotte is a blogger and one half of the dynamic duo from the podcast The Fringe of It!  I’m really excited to have her on the podcast as we discuss the lack of diversity when it comes to sizing in the fashion industry.

Helen Anderson

Helen is a style, beauty and daily life vlogger/ blogger here to discuss the topic of contraception and we’re delving into the specifics of contraception itself and the importance of finding the right one that works for you.
Jack Campbell

Stand up comedian Jack Campbell joins me to discuss Breakups and how rubbish they can be as well as hilarious and cringey!

Tiffany Nicholls

Tiffany is a good friend of mine who joins me on several episodes discussing, confessions, YouTube and the fears behind becoming a Mum. She also makes the most insane chocolate at Chunky Dunk Chocs!

Coppa Feel

I'm joined by Helen, a Boobette Volunteer for CoppaFeel to discuss getting to know our boobs, what to be aware of and more!

Hazel Milns

Having been through miscarriage herself, Hazel is a huge advocate of raising awareness around the subject and help those who are going through it themselves so we recorded an episode on the topic.