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Hi! I’m Kat and congratulations- you’ve found my little podcast on the internet! I love hearing peoples stories and thoughts so I started The Prosecco Sessions back in 2018. I felt there were lots of topics and subjects that I wanted to address and discuss and two years on, the podcast is still going strong. I've had the absolute pleasure of interviewing and chatting to an array of people in various fields and with their own passions and beliefs to make several seasons of the podcast which I'll hope you'll enjoy.

The Prosecco Sessions is a weekly podcast where we sip on a glass of fizz or two, unwind, let our inhibitions disappear and discuss various topics. Each seasons episode is released weekly with a different guest, discussing a multitude of matters. From mental health to getting a foot on the property ladder,  hangovers to confessions, there's an episode for everyone that will entertain but hopefully help people to learn too!