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Love Island: Does the show have a race, age and body diversity problem?

Article: here

"Blogger Kat Rayment , 29, has discussed Love Island on the podcast The Prosecco Sessions and says the negativity around Laura's age is "unfair".
"She's a good looking, attractive young woman so why she can't be in the house and be meeting people that are younger than her? I don't see what the issue is and why people feel the need to be so negative to her."
Kat believes the lack of age diversity in Love Island is "alienating older women" and isn't the "right message to be putting across to the nation".
She feels the producers should've brought more contestants into the villa who are in their late 20s or early 30s.
"Different ages make it more interesting, more diverse within the house and then it means you can meet people of different ages that might be better suited to you.
"It shouldn't just be about being in your 20s and being young, it should be any age really that are looking for love." "